They want you to kiss.

What about Justin, your partner?

He’s my business partner, we’re software engineers. 

@chriscolfer My episode of @hotnclevelandtv airs tonight!!! Loved @WendieMalick @Wolfiesmom @JaneLeeves and @BettyMWhite so much!



Let’s start the #chriscolferedit trend guys! (not twitter related tho)

Lots of fandoms use this kind of tag for actor/show related edits because simple tags have become a mess..

And we all know the “chris colfer” tag in particular is trash -it’s almost all RPs or “I love Chris” kind of text posts- so why not use it ourselves too??

Giffers should start using it in their edits and everyone should track it!

So reblog this post and spread the word guys!

Stop shitty tags 2k14

Kurt + the alphabet [insp.]


Chris Colfer on Watch What Happens Live on July 13, 2014 [Part 2]

@HOUcheap Fun to see @chriscolfer of Glee doing the Tilt at @360chiviews! #chicago

Chris Colfer on what he used to sleep shop

"I use to take this pill to help me sleep and then I guess when I was asleep I take out my iPad and I just start shopping."