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Kurtbastian + Manipulation | Part 1 | or manupulating people who have never watched Glee into believing that they were an actual couple on the show

kurtbastian hiatus projectweek eight
day two: online au

kurtbastian hiatus projectweek eight
day three: superhero au

"I had a scary one. My [first] baby was a month old, and my doorbell rang at 11:30 at night. It was a crazed Glee fan who demanded I read a treatment for an episode she’d done. When I asked her to leave, she would not, so the SWAT team came. It was a two-hour ordeal. That was probably my weirdest one. She later fled the country and wrote me a letter of apology. At least she apologized, it was a very sweet, awful letter basically saying, ‘Sorry I woke your baby. I was just so passionate about Kurt.’ But for that horrible one, there’s a lot more great ones."

- Ryan Murphy on his strangest fan interaction (via fyeahgleeclub)

What do you think it’s like to fly for the first time? I mean, here you are up in this nest, which is the only home you’ve ever known, and even though your DNA and millions of years of evolution are telling you that if you jump, you won’t hit the ground like a stone, you can never really know.

'The Flash' Lifts The CW to the Strongest Premiere of Any Series in Six Years

“The Flash” finished third in the 8 p.m. hour with a 3.4/ 5, which was The CW’s highest-rated premiere in the overnights since “90210” on Sept. 2, 2008 (six years ago). Comparably, episode one of “The Flash” bested “The Originals” on the year-ago evening (1.3/ 2 on 10/08/13) by 166 percent. It beat the first hour of special “The iHeartradio Music Festival” last Tuesday (0.7/ 1) by a mammoth 386 percent. And “The Flash” outdelivered the debut of parent series “Arrow” (3.0/ 5 on 10/12/12) by 13 percent. And also very promising was the growth of one-tenth of a rating point (or three percent) at 8:30 p.m. (3.3/ 5 to 3.4/ 5). Given the available platform, “The Flash” is off to a fast – and “winning” – start on The CW, which is also expected to resonate via the DVR and in social media

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A storm is coming to Central City. Check out The Flash series premiere TUESDAY at 8/7c on The CW!

AU | Pamela Lansbury is a successful, famous band.

54/100 pictures of Chris Colfer